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Girls’ Generation Live Remastering Vol. 9

Girls’ Generation Live Remastering Vol. 9

01 Tiffany-Yuri – Baby Baby [4men] (TV Live Version)
02 Taeyeon-Tiffany-Jessica-Seohyun – There You’ll Be (Hall-Live Version)
03 Tiffany-Sunny – I Can’t (못해) (Studio D Version)
04 Taeyeon+Lee Juk – A Goose’s Dream (거위의 꿈) (Hall-Live Version)
05 Girls’ Generation – Into The New World (다시 만난 세계) (1st Fan Meeting Piano Version)
06 Taeyeon+Jung Yong Hwa – My Life Would Suck Without You (On Air-Rehearsal Version)
07 Jessica-Sunny-Yuri-Yoona – Violet Fragrance (보라빛 향기) (Studio Version)
08 Tiffany-Seohyun-Yoona-Sooyoung-Hyoyeon – If U Seek Amy (TV Live Version)
09 Girls’ Generation – Beautiful World (아름다운 세상) (TV Live Version)
10 Taeyeon-Jessica et al. – You Raise Me Up (TV Live Version)
11 Tiffany – By Myself (나 혼자서) (Vocal D Version)
12 Seohyun+Jung Yong Hwa – Run Devil Run+Love Light (사랑빛) (TV Live Version)
13 Girls’ Generation+Kim Gun Mo – I Love You (사랑해) (TV Live Version)
14 Taeyeon – National Anthem (애국가) (Stadium Version)
15 Jessica-Tiffany-Seohyun – Bad Oppa (오빠나빠) (Madam B Hall-Live)
16 Tiffany-Yuri – Baby Baby [4men] (Remix Version)

*Bonus Track
17 Taeyeon+Psy – Beautiful Goodbye 2 (아름다운 이별2) (Studio Mix Version)
18 Tiffany – Stickwitu (Avant Mix)
19 Taeyeon+Kim Yeon Woo – Love, the Common Word (사랑한다는 흔한 말) (Chorus Mix)
20 Taeyeon+IU – In My Fading Memory (바래진 기억에) (Pan-Vocal Stereo Mix)

*Hidden Track
21 Jessica – Don’t Say You Love Me (Studio Version1.1)
22 Taeyeon – Spring Flower (꽃피는 봄이오면) (Studio Version 1.1)
23 Taeyeon – Star (별) (Studio Version 1.1)



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