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TVXQ releases music video for “Before U Go”


TVXQ releases music video for “Before U Go”

TVXQ has finally released the highly-anticipated music video for “Before U Go“, the title track from their repackaged album.

Directed by Jo Soo Hyun, the filming took place near Kangnam, Incheon, and Ilsan for a total of five days. The music video stars not only TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin, but actor Choi Jong Yoon and actress Go Ara as well.

SM Entertainment reported that they used matrix cameras in order to draw out the tension between four former friends who all used to attend the same police academy. Through lively action scenes, the story aims to express the feelings of love, friendship, and betrayal between the four, as well as the story surrounding Choi Jong Yoon’s decision to betray his closest friend due to his troubled childhood.

Check it out below



TVXQ will be releasing their full repackaged album on March 16th, and will be performing on KBS’s “Music Bank” on the 18th.

cr. Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver & allkpop




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