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Lee Kwang-soo added to City Hunter

Lee Kwang Soo shaves off his trademark mustache for “City Hunter”

Earlier this month, Lee Kwang Soo surprised the staff members of “Running Man” by appearing on set without his trademark mustache, which instantly created confusion and chaos.

Shocked at the sudden change in his appearance, his “Running Man” co-stars ran up to him and immediately began asking, “Who are you?” Shyly, he backed away and confessed, “I feel empty without my mustache. It feels awkward.”

It seems like his new look inspired a change in behavior, as his co-stars began regarding him with caution. While they always used to comfortably call him ‘Kwang Soo-ya~‘, they switched to the more honorific form, and stiffly called him ‘Kwang Soo-ssi‘ instead.

So what caused the image transformation?  The reason lay in his new role for SBS’s “City Hunter“, for which he plays a doctor of engineering with a prodigal mind for computers. The actor commented, “I shaved my mustache to better fit my character. I feel so empty, and feel as if I’ve been reborn.”

His new image can be seen through the April 17th episode of “Running Man”.

More casting news for City Hunter comes with the announcement of Lee Kwang-soo, theDong Yi and High Kick Through the Roof actor whom you may also know from the variety program Running Man. (He’s known there as “angry Kwang-soo” and “incriminating Kwang-soo,” the latter nickname being attributed to his habit of embarrassing his fellow castmates with stories.)

In City Hunter, the drama that no longer bears much resemblance to its source material (going from the gritty urban underground to the posh presidential house), Lee’s character has a methodical, rigid personality and has a genius (sigh! Another one) for computers.

He’ll join Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, and Lee Jun-hyuk. The first two are co-workers at the Blue House, with Lee Min-ho as a part of the international communications team and Park playing a presidential bodyguard. Lee Jun-hyuk is a workaholic prosecutor who’ll vie for Park’s affections (naturally).

I have no idea how this project went from the PI partnership premise of City Hunter to a bickering workplace dealio, and am wondering if there’s any way to preserve the original property (in story, tone, relationship dynamic) with this new setup. I’m all for updated scenarios and reimagined characters, but it’s just hard to understand how a supposedremake can be so unlike the franchise from which it takes its name.

City Hunter is set to premiere on May 25.

Via TV Report




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