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【NEWS】 “DAE, is why we could escape,” … ‘taxi incident’ said Mr. Kim, the whole story

[Dispatch = songeunju, servo hyeongija] “Why are not avoided, Daesung”

11:00 a.m. one day at a hospital in Incheon. Kim taxi driver module (45) Yeh. DAE last month of 31 days, he encountered a traffic accident victim the only witness at the same time. Fallen on the road all the current motorcycle driver (30) saw the seeds, DAE’s vehicle collided with a taxi at the moment of his saw it.

“I’m part of the case known as the wrong context. Do not make a victim of goodwill should be. ”

Despite the sequelae of the previous day, Kim said, “passed on wrong things will straighten out,” he opened the difficult tongue. The core of this case whether the manslaughter of DAE. Daesung seed beating out the current status at the time of the current seed is important.

Some claims raised in the current exhibited the opinion that the prior incident. Motorcycle accident scene is in good condition according to the preceding statement would’ve thought that the guess is not slight. However, Kim said, “Mr. Current was a lot of blood shed. Leading thinking seems to have great damage, “he naejeoeotda head.

Kim said, “Mr. Daesung is now likely to have failed,” came up with the comments. Incident occurred at dawn and dark, dressed in khaki lying now Mr. identification that has not been easy. In addition, the DAE is difficult to determine the location of the taxi in an emergency and said the description was.

Mr. Kim met. The couple heard the whole story doejipeotda misunderstanding.

◆ Accident | “car in front of DAE was more an exchange”

Taxi man found lying above the road, and followed that did not find all the DAE. Known so far is circumstantial case. However, Kim’s words were different. Between you and the DAE was more like a single vehicle. Daesung did not escape the motorist is a description of the reason why.

▷ motorcyclists died. DAE car accident caused by the fires are not the death raised suspicion condition.

“Motorcyclist in a previous accident seemed to have already received a big shock. A motorcycle and the driver was in the range of 30m away. Drivers can check the status was naked. The driver was covered with blood lying on the place. Heunggeonhaetda blood in the head near. Twinggyeotneunji chunggyeoteuro helmets were on the scene. Later, the police were severe pasonhi I come up with a helmet. ”

Motorists while driving ▷ Mr. Kim’s condition was confirmed. But that does not confirm the DAE. In the end, or hit a taxi and met the current seed. Of 2 had an accident.

“Daesung motorcyclists (now Mr.) is the reason I did not escape. DAE has been a car in front of a better. To summarize, I stop the car after checking motorists turned on the flashing emergency. Moment was about to call the police. When I found him to present a car in the next lane to avoid rush him. The car that ran along the back of stuff in DAE. Daesung in front of the car because I think you seem to have been averted. Suddenly the car just in front of the original damage other McCallisters beorimyeon not see obstacles in many cases. ”

▷ DAE had not seen the motorcycle driver said.

“DAE was unaware of the presence of motorcyclists. Would not go for that you brought to the station. I’m on the road, too, that he knew words. Just before the car was in front of the accident scene because the victim had come to see would not have time. ”

▷ not crowded situation at the time was the scene of the accident. Will speeding ahead with neglect is suspected situation.

“Regulations are believed to be at all difficult to speed of around 60km. DAE dalryeoohdeon front of the car is caused by high speed. Rear view mirror in the cab, watched as a result. Even this part of the police said.Daesung haetdaneunde state police investigation that at the 80km speed and collided with a taxi at the time said of the experience that I think the speed. ”

◆ Accident | “seemed to step on the accelerator instead of brake panicked”

1:20 a.m. on the 31st. Daesung Motorcyclist hit by a taxi who is visually. After 10 minutes from him. DAE was known incident was the hero of the debate. Daesung is what happened in an instant never known to hide embarrassment.

▷ scene of the accident, the skid marks were found. Is it landed after it slammed into a taxi.

“Seems to be stepping on the brake instead of Excel. If it were not for the brake or skid marks did not have to.DAE and collided about 30m and then were driven taxis. Stuffing side went behind the cab that is that when you step on the brakes. Perhaps she was not stepping on the accelerator baffled want to mess up the rest. ”

▷ motorists have not seen the accident, you did OK after the accident.

“Within two minutes after the accident, the police came and I went to investigate, DAE. There is also the time of the accident who did not know that I’ve seen at the scene also did not seem to have. That was what was on collided with a taxi sagoman. Agency officials also came shortly after he, too, never saw the motorcycle driver was. ”

▷ yeokryeokhaetdeon will faze him.

“At that time there was a spirit. The accident came, and the victim occurred. In addition, no less than 10 minutes after the accident, reporters have been here and there. Maybe celebrities, and a younger age than I seem to be embarrassed. Deoldeoldeol shaking hands when the police did receive a statement. ”

◆ Challenges | “serious damage to a taxi two weeks pre-diagnosis …”

Motorcyclist killed regardless if Daesung, a much lower legal punishment. Taxis charge will result in only a fender-bender. Mr. Kim currently being treated at the department of orthopedic. Check with your doctor the results of Mr. Kim was diagnosed with two weeks pre-condition.

▷ taxi was quite serious damage to the state. Vehicle status are expected to be serious injuries when the body’s status now.

“Taxi damaged much larger than the body was not injured. Against accidents and bring this to me seems to be detected. Fortunately, no broken parts in the hospital said, the. However, the shoulder and waist, and have a bad neck, physical therapy is undergoing. ”

Motorcyclist killed if ▷ Daesung and will continue to question, regardless if the cab car accident. Whether the agreement is very important.

“DAE side agreement did not proceed yet. DAE would not receive any contact side. Time of the accident was not even for business cards. Right now I’m not part of an agreement. Clearly it is important that the case turns out. ”

▷ The incident is raising doubts and chaekimron. How about only as a witness.

“This regrettable incident. Daesung motorist did not see the time while driving crude ride was not over.Preceding the accident was unclear, however, is thought by the uninformed situation. DAE is responsible for returning all but the line is the situation of the victims may encounter. So take courage to say what this is. ”

Via Dispatch!



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