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Recently, a written copy of the Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) upcoming schedule has been posted on various online communities, leaving fans concerned about the girls’ health.

The schedule lists the girls’ activities from June 8th to July 24th, and it is jammed packed. Just yesterday, we reported that Girls’ Generation headed to Paris for two concerts in Paris as part of the “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS.” Once they complete their European performances, the girls will head back to Japan to complete their Japan Arena Tour. Despite having three days till their Parisian concert, the girls have two more activities scheduled – a MJ Presents Girls’ Generation Special on June 8th and a Samsung Anniversary Party in Taiwan on June 9th – leaving no time for the girls to reenergize.

Once they return to Japan, they have a NHK “Music Japan” appearance scheduled on June 12th and will continue with their Japanese tour on the 17th. Instead of celebrating her 21st birthday with friends, Girls’ Generation’s youngest member Seo Hyun will spend her birthday performing in Tokyo.

Additionally, the posted schedule only gives an overall feel of their timetable and does not even state Girls’ Generation’s other unofficial, or smaller, activities. Just a couple of days ago, Sunny collapsed from exhaustion mid-concert in Saitama, and Soo Young reportedly has a high fever as well.

After seeing their killer schedules, netizens exclaimed, “Only SNSD can pull off this,” “It’s only a matter of time until another member collapses from exhaustion,” and “This is just crazy. They need to rest.”

Check out the their June-July schedule!

6/8 MJ Presents Girls’ Generations Special
6/9 Taiwan Samsung Anniversary
6/10 SM Town Live World Tour in Paris
6/11SM Town Live World Tour in Paris
6/12 NHK Music Japan
6/17 Japanese Arena Tour Tokyo
6/18 Japanese Arena Tour Tokyo
6/28 Japanese Arena Tour Tokyo
6/29 Japanese Arena Tour Tokyo
7/2 Japanese Arena Tour Hiroshima
7/3 Japanese Arena Tour Hiroshima
7/6 Japanese Arena Tour Nagoya
7/7 Japanese Arena Tour Hiroshima
7/13 Music Bank Tokyo Dome Special
7/17 Japanese Arena Tour Fukuoka
7/18 Japanese Arena Tour Fukuoka

Credit: soompi


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